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Why you need Insurance

Texas State Requirements for Auto Insurance:

Just like in other states, you are required to have car insurance in Texas to fulfill your financial responsibility. Your policy must have the minimum requirement of $30,000 PER PERSON AND $60,000 PER INCIDENT for injuries per accident and $25,000 for property damage. If you don’t want to get insurance, there are other options to cover financial responsibility, but the easiest way is by having liability insurance.

Other Forms of Car Insurance:

There are other types of car insurance available besides the liability overage that states require you to have. Safeguard Insurance Agency can help you find the right policy for you and your situation.

Collision coverage will help cover repairs for your car if it’s damaged because of an accident with another car.

Comprehensive coverage will help with damages to the vehicle when it’s damaged by an incident that doesn’t involve another vehicle. This can cover vandalism or if hail damages your car.

If you are leasing and financing your vehicle, you may be required to have both comprehensive and collision coverage. Unfortunately, some drivers in the state are uninsured. So, uninsured and underinsured drivers’ coverage will protect you from damages that occur because of these drivers.

Towing and labor will cover towing and labor costs if your car breaks down.

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